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Resman Industry Compass 2024

26 March 2024

In our recent study, we surveyed over 6,700 professionals across 1,900 businesses in a variety of sectors. This effort was aimed at understanding the evolving business landscape in Liverpool, the North West and the wider UK, focusing on growth, priorities, technological integration, and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Our research unfolds a narrative of adaptation, with businesses increasingly favouring customised workspaces, a nod towards the unique demands each sector faces. Technology emerges as a pivotal player, with a strong emphasis on securing growth while ensuring operational flexibility and cybersecurity resilience.

Interestingly, the agility of smaller firms in harnessing new technologies like AI places them in a unique position to swiftly capitalise on these advancements. Yet, the report reveals a diverse tapestry of strategies across the board, reflecting the nuanced approaches businesses are adopting in response to the digital transformation era.


Collage of the '2024 Industry Compass' report by Resman Liverpool, showcasing various pages and infographics related to business insights, challenges, technological integration, remote work, and the role of AI in a hybrid world, with the company's logo prominently displayed.

We encourage you to download the report here:Resman 2024 Industry Compass

Let’s explore together how these insights can be transformed into actionable strategies tailored for your organisation’s growth and success. If you would like to discuss the topics covered in the Resman Annual Industry Compass Report 2024 reach out the team at, we’ll be here to help.

Thank you again to everyone who contributed and to those who were unable to share your view this year, rest assured, we will be seeking your input again.