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Providing strategic direction to Blackburne House Group

Leveraging Microsoft concessions

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We are proud to work alongside Blackburne House Group, a women’s based charitable organisation in the heart of Liverpool.

When Blackburne House Charity first approached us for an independent IT audit, they had big ambitions, but were concerned about efficiency and competitiveness, and recognised the need to modernise their IT infrastructure.

However, not only did they lack the strategic direction, they had lost a key employee, and with tight budgets, they were uncertain
about commissioning third-party suppliers.

We were able to build their confidence and engage as consultants to address some of the more immediate issues that came up in their report.

We prioritised their online and perimeter security needs, stabilised their failing physical hardware and systems, and provided an urgent and reliable backup solution.

As a charity, Blackburne House needed a cost efficient and iterative approach. We are delivering a three-year roll-out strategy to
support and modernise their systems, built around a full move to the Microsoft cloud platform, which offers generous licensing for non-profit organisations.

This is providing them with the resilience, security and flexible working options they need in today’s ever changing digital landscape.

You can find out more about the important work they do at .

Blackburne House - A large red brick building with a red door.