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Managing SharePoint Online

13 June 2023

Making sure permissions don’t put your data at risk

SharePoint Online is a highly powerful and flexible option for most organisations. It is great at document management, has good collaboration tools, has support for application integration, and carries mobile capabilities.

However, it’s vital businesses effectively secure their SharePoint Online permissions. Many businesses have become accustomed to operating in a closed-circuit on-premises format where IT departments can easily isolate resources from external access.

As more organisations embrace digitalisation through cloud-first strategies or hybrid deployments, there is a need to re-evaluate this approach to data access and permissions.

Over time, permissions undergo changes and updates, and if not effectively controlled, can lead to security breaches or unauthorised access to sensitive information. If internal permissions are not configured correctly or are neglected altogether, it can result in confidential data becoming “open” to anyone who initially gains access to the environment.

As a rule of thumb, it’s almost always better for someone to not have access to something they need and grant it later, than for someone to have access to something they shouldn’t and have to revoke it at a later date.

SharePoint Online is a remarkably powerful application that offers numerous advantages to businesses and organisations, but the flexibility of SharePoint also presents challenges when it comes to securing data.

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